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Bill Maher SHUT DOWN by Vivek Ramaswamy over the topic of racism: 'All right, I'll vote for you'

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You never know what’s going to come out of the mouth of anti-woke liberal Bill Maher. Sometimes he speaks with wisdom, sometimes with stupidity. Some of his comments during his recent interview with GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy unfortunately fell into the latter category.

“That you are a person of color is an advantage,” Maher says. “I think it is the right moment, [and] I think it’s happening in the right party.”

“In the past, in the recent past, including sometimes the present, they are racist,” Maher says of members of the Republican Party.

“I think they’re better than they used to be, but there’s still a lot of racism in that party.”

Vivek’s response deserves a round of applause.

“I’ll give you a quote,” he begins. “The remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.”

“That’s racism too,” he tells Maher.

“I’ll use an analogy,” Vivek continues. “Based on you lighting that [cigar] and watching [it] taper out, ... it's like the last burning embers of racism. That's where we are, actually. ... What I don’t want to do is, right as that’s burning out, I don’t want to come in and throw kerosene on it by saying, ‘Don’t be racist.”’

“All right, I'll vote for you. You got me with that one,” says Maher.

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