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'60 Minutes' host presses Mayorkas on border crisis

The Rubin Report

According to "60 Minutes" host Sharyn Alfonsi, the Biden administration’s messaging may be off when it comes to immigration and the border wall.

In an interview with Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, Alfonsi presses him on the matter.

Alfonsi says, “The first weeks in office, the Biden administration halted deportations for 100 days, stopped all border wall construction, and suspended the remain-in-Mexico policy.”

She continues, “Critics say it all added up to putting a ‘come in, we’re open’ sign on the door.”

Mayorkas denies it, saying, “I don’t think the more than million people last year that we removed or expelled would consider the border open.”

Alfonsi cuts him off, “But the messaging — was the messaging wrong?”

Mayorkas claims the messaging was not that “we’re open” and says that “we are not the only source of messages that the migrants receive.”

With millions of border crossings occurring this year, it seems that if not the Biden administration — which stopped all work on the wall Trump had begun and halted all deportations — someone is sending the message.

But Dave Rubin believes it is exactly the Biden administration that is sending the message.

“You either have a country or you don’t,” he says. “A country is a nation-state that has a delineated border from another country. So we are not Mexico. There’s an actual border, it’s an agreed-upon border by both countries, right? And if you cross that border illegally, you have now broken the law and we are allowed to kick you out. That’s what a mature, responsible country would do.”

“These are unserious people,” he says.

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