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'If we fall for this, we are FOOLS': Glenn Loury warns Dems are 'buying black votes by waving a bloody shirt of racism'

The Rubin Report

'They show nothing but contempt for black people'

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On "The Rubin Report," Glenn Loury, professor of economics at Brown University, joined BlazeTV host Dave Rubin to talk about why it's controversial for a black man to be against diversity and inclusion training, affirmative action, and reparations.

Glenn also shared his thoughts on the narrative of systemic racism and racial disparities, why it's wrong, and how the Democratic Party pushes lies to get the support of black voters.

In this clip, Glenn shares his thoughts on how Democrats have fanned the flames of the racism bogeyman in a cynical attempt to get more of the black vote.

"They're buying black votes by waving a bloody shirt of racism, that's what they're doing," Glenn said of the Democratic Party. "If we fall for this, we are fools. We're being led around with a ring through our noses. They show nothing but contempt for black people."

Glenn argued that if black people in this country want to start eliminating disparities, they need to stop using the issue of slavery to play the victim as that mentality only encourages society to lower the bar for black America.

"The racial conflict coming out of [the issue of] slavery threatens the existence of the republic," Glenn said. "Three hundred thousand people in a country of 3 million were slaughtered on the battlefields of the civil war. The consequence of which was the emancipation of the African slaves. Here we are now, 150 years later and the descendants of those slaves are citizens of the freest, richest and most powerful republic in the history of the world."

Glenn also explained why he believes former President Barack Obama missed many opportunities to engage the country in an honest conversation about race, and called out former first lady Michelle Obama for saying that she fears for the safety of her daughters.

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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