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Jon Stewart loses it, screams at Jack Posobiec over vet bill — then the UNIMAGINABLE happens

The Rubin Report

Who could have seen this coming?

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A video has been making the rounds on social media of former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart screaming at right-wing journalist and veteran Jack Posobiec over a misunderstanding about his support for a veterans' health care bill — but it was the surprise ending, provided later by Posobiec, that has everyone wondering what just happened.

Stewart was in Washington, D.C., to support the PACT Act, a bill that will allocate funds to help veterans exposed to toxic burn pits, which passed in the Senate on Tuesday night after initially being blocked by 41 Republican lawmakers. Stewart came unglued after the bill failed to pass last week and began screaming at Posobiec and fellow journalist Raheem Kassam.

In a video posted by Kassam, Stewart can be heard calling Posobiec a "f***ing troll" and repeatedly shouting "you're not in good faith."

Posobiec repeated "I'm for the bill" several times as Stewart shouted in his face. Posobiec later pointed out that he supports the PACT Act, in part because he has personally "serv[ed] in the military." According to Wikipedia, "Posobiec served several tours in the United States Navy Reserve from 2010 to 2017" and "was deployed for ten months at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base."

Another video posted by Penguinsix showed that the shouting match between the two continued to escalate for several minutes before Posobiec is eventually pursued by a crowd chanting "shame, shame."

Then this happened:

Who would have seen that coming?

On “The Rubin Report” Tuesday, BlazeTV host Dave Rubin shared a clip of the heated exchange and its shocking conclusion. Watch the video clip below. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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