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'Extraordinary': guest of MSNBC’s Joy Reid turns out to be 'worse than Joy Reid'
Screenshot: Facebook Video of The Rubin Report

'Extraordinary': guest of MSNBC’s Joy Reid turns out to be 'worse than Joy Reid'

'Content advisory warning: What you’re about to see is pure bulls**t'

Elitists, leftists, and the corporate media (which are totally not the same thing at all) are in full attack mode towards Elon Musk. The guy that has come out in support of truth, transparency, and freedom is who the corporate press is now telling you is the bad guy.

"My strong intuitive sense is that having a public platform that is maximally trusted & broadly inclusive is extremely important to the future of civilization," Musk said at a TED conference last week.

As the brains of all who oppose the horrors of honesty and freedom were rattled across social media, the absurdity has been just as intense on national television since Musk first purchased Twitter stock. BlazeTV host Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” discussed the inane ramblings of a guest who appeared on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show – Anand Giridharadas – whom Rubin deemed was “actually worse than her.”

Rubin played the clip of Giridharadas speaking on Reid's show “The ReidOut" but not before issuing a warning to those tuning in to his program:

"Content advisory warning: What you’re about to see is pure bulls**t"

Now that's a warning.

“Musk has built his business to government subsidies, years ago, and now turns around, stiffs the government on taxes, explains how inefficient government spending is,” Giridharadas began in the clip. Then, it actually grew worse, as he seemed to imply Musk was actually motivated by feelings related to racism.

“He is building in Tesla, a documentedly racist company, that perhaps reminds him, gives him nostalgic memories, of apartheid South Africa where he grew up,” Giridharadas said.

Disgusted? So was Rubin.

“To find a guest that is worse than Joy Reid is a rather extraordinary thing to do,” Rubin stated. “Somebody should get an award. Can we send them a cake?”

This is how the machine operates around people trying to have an honest conversation, who are trying to have a place to talk where there’s a little messiness on the fringes, where we can think for ourselves, Rubin added in his episode. This isn’t new behavior. It’s EXACTLY the same thing they tried to do to Joe Rogan earlier this year all because he was willing to have open conversations with certain figures who were not on the establishment’s pre-approved list.

Perhaps when it comes to watching anything corporate media is throwing at you, it's best to take the Dave Rubin approach by stopping to ask yourself: Is what I’m viewing “ pure bulls**t?”

Watch the full video of "The Rubin Report" below. Can't watch? Catch the podcast here.

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