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'That's a terrifying question':  Kirk Cameron says Gen Z can save the world — or destroy it

The Rubin Report

Where we're headed right now — politically, economically, morally, spiritually?

Kirk Cameron, star of ABC's classic hit show "Growing Pains" and feature films including "Left Behind," "Fireproof," and now the host of the American Campfire Revival, joined Dave Rubin on "The Rubin Report" to talk about the dangers of being a child star, whether Gen Z will save America or destroy it, and how faith might be able to help us bridge the political divide.

Kirk shared why he thinks there is a growing desire to incorporate more faith and values into America's arts and entertainment. He said he sees "passion and energy to change the world" in Generation Z, and emphasized the importance of older generations teaching and steering younger generations in positive directions to inspire them.

"I have kids in the world and I think to myself, 'What's this place going to be like in 20 years?'" Kirk told Dave. "That's a terrifying question when I think about where we're headed right now — politically, economically, morally, spiritually."

Watch the video clip below to hear more from Kirk Cameron:

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