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MSNBC guest tries to corner this GOP candidate on Donald Trump question, but it gets UGLY

The Rubin Report

MSNBC is what Dave Rubin calls a “televised mental institution” defined by “sheer and utter lunacy.”

And we can’t disagree.

When former Republican politician David Jolly asked Asa Hutchinson about whether or not he’d support Donald Trump should he be the chosen GOP candidate, things quickly turned into a hot mess all around.

“I'm just honestly in real time a bit taken aback,” said Jolly. “Governor, I don't understand what you just said – that you don't think [Trump] is qualified to be president and you don't support him, but you would support him?”

“I said on the pledge that I will support the nominee of the party,” Hutchinson replied. “I can in good conscience sign that because I believe that I'll be the nominee of the party or somebody else on the stage,” he continues, referencing the GOP debate hosted by Fox last Wednesday, August 23.

“Donald Trump is not going to participate in [the debate], and so I expect the nominee of the party to be on that stage Wednesday night,” said Hutchinson.

But Jolly didn’t like that answer.

“Whether you think he's qualified or not, are you going to vote for Donald Trump next November if he's the nominee of the Republican Party?” he pressed.

“I hear you very clearly exactly what you're asking me,” Asa retorted, clearly out of patience, “and I just gave you the answer … you don’t have to accept it.”


We don't know what's worse — Jolly’s intrusive questioning or Asa’s notion that he will be the nominee (has he seen the polls?).

Regardless, it's a disaster from every angle.

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