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Need a laugh? Look no farther than Trump’s latest impersonation of Kamala Harris

The Rubin Report

Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump’s viral interview had many highlights, one of them being Trump’s impersonation of Kamala Harris.

“Her moments are almost as bad as [Joe Biden’s],” Trump tells Tucker, adding, “she speaks in rhyme.”

“In rhyme?” laughs Tucker.

“The bus will go here, and then the bus will go there, because that's what buses do,” Trump says, mocking the VP’s all-too-frequent mumbo-jumbo speeches.

Sadly, it’s not difficult to picture Kamala Harris saying this nonsense. We’d be willing to bet 50% of her legacy will be her infamous word salads. The other 50%, of course, will be leaving the country in a state of total chaos and disarray.

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