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Raw milk farms are being targeted by government officials carrying 'submachine guns' — doctor weighs in

Raw milk farms are being targeted by government officials carrying 'submachine guns' — doctor weighs in

For decades, we’ve been told pasteurizing milk kills harmful bacteria and reduces food borne illnesses. If that’s true, then where did all the hype around raw milk come from? Why is something that was long written off as dangerous suddenly the trendiest food on the market?

Dr. Paul Saladino, a double board certified MD, the host of the "Fundamental Health" podcast, and the leading authority on the carnivore diet, recently joined Dave Rubin on “The Rubin Report” to explain the truth behind the controversial beverage and why the government seems to have a big problem with it.

Getting to the Truth of the Raw Milk Debate | Paul Saladinowww.youtube.com

Apparently, raw milk is far safer than we’ve been led to believe, while pasteurized milk isn’t nearly as sanitary as the FDA claims.

According to Dr. Saladino, pasteurized milk is produced in “not the most sanitary conditions.”

“The udders are kind of close to the poop,” but “they know that milk is going to be pasteurized, so they don't really care if it gets contaminated,” he explains, noting that back in “1986, there was a huge outbreak of salmonella in pasteurized milk.”

In contrast, raw milk farms take far more sanitary precautions. He points to the largest producer of raw milk in the United States – Raw Farm, which is based in California.

“The folks at Raw Farm built a special barn so the cows have multiple showers” and “get the opportunity to poop and pee multiple times before they go to get milked, and their utters are cleaned; it’s very carefully monitored,” and “they test every single batch for contaminants,” Dr. Saladino tells Dave, adding that Raw Farms has “never had contamination.”

As for the alleged health benefits of raw milk, “multiple longitudinal observational studies” have shown that children who grow up drinking raw milk “have lower rates of asthma, eczema, and allergies.”

“Drinking raw milk probably is beneficial for kids programming their immune systems,” says Dr. Saladino, adding that “pasteurized dairy was probably something that triggered [his] eczema in the past.”

Further, “a lot of people who are lactose intolerant can drink it because different bacterial cultures in the milk can change the gut.”

So, if raw milk offers a range of health benefits, why is the FDA “denigrating it”?

Apparently at Raw Farm and other similar farms, government agents have shown up carrying “long barrel submachine guns” demanding that they “dump all the milk out.”

To learn more about what Dr. Saladino swears is a “war on raw milk” AND why raw milk has been connected to bird flu, watch the clip above.

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