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RFK Jr. EXPOSES the rule change Dems just used to RIG the primary

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RFK Jr. is a presidential candidate who’s loved by both liberals and conservatives. However, the Democratic Party is not happy with him — and he’s well aware.

“Every time he says something that makes sense or he gets some traction or his numbers go up in the polls, the Democrats are doing everything they can to take this guy out — including changing the rules in real time about how their primary process works,” Dave Rubin explains.

Kennedy sat down with comedian Tim Dillon to tell him what he believes is happening.

According to RFK, the Democratic Party has made it so any vote that RFK receives in Iowa or New Hampshire will count for Biden.

“How are they doing that? Well, they’re passing a rule that ... any candidate who steps into the state of New Hampshire [or] Iowa to campaign will lose all their delegates. And so, I’ve campaigned in both states, so I lose their delegates,” RFK tells Dillon.

Now, they’re going after Georgia votes as well.

“They’re basically disenfranchising everybody in those states, so there’s no campaign. And they’re talking about this idea of making myself and Marianne Williamson, as the other Democratic candidate, to pay for all the primary ourselves,” he continues.

“You really need to understand how corrupt the Democrats are. Just ask Bernie Sanders about it one day,” Rubin responds.

“The idea that if you step foot in one of these places, Iowa or New Hampshire, your candidacy is basically erased,” he continues. “Well, how does that make sense?”

Rubin believes the Democrats are doing this because Joe Biden runs on name recognition. “Last time, he ran a basement campaign. We all know that he barely went anywhere. So, RFK, he wants to be out there,” Rubin explains.

In a solo video responding to the news, RFK says, “It’s worth reiterating the DNC does not want a primary. They’re effectively disenfranchising the Democratic voters from having any choice in who becomes the Democratic nominee.”

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