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Watch Vivek Ramaswamy’s EPIC response to Charlamagne tha God’s claim that America is a land of white supremacy

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Radio host and TV personality Charlamagne tha God has been drinking the Kool-Aid of the left.

“It's always been freedom, liberty, and justice for some, usually that some is white people,” he tells GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

Vivek’s response, which is delivered in his usual calm and articulate manner, is epic to say the least.

“The nation has fallen short of our promise since our founding,” Vivek says. But “we're not founded on an ethnicity or a monarch or a food or even a religion. We’re founded on a set of ideals that brought a group of people together in 1776, and we live by those ideals, at least we aspire to those ideals today.”

“We were never included in those ideals originally,” says Charlamagne.

“Originally but never and originally are two different things,” says Vivek, adding, “if you had somebody who was in 1870 looking at the world we live in today, if you had somebody in 1960 who was looking at the world we live in today as it relates to race in America, we would be darn close to what they would have thought of as the promised land.”

“I think we have to recognize that America is about that pursuit. We're a lot further along than we were 250 years ago,” Vivek says.

To see Vivek’s full response, watch the clip below.

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