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REVOLT IN CALIFORNIA: Counties defy Gov. Newsom's shutdown orders

The Rubin Report

'We can't live like rats trapped in our houses forever'

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BlazeTV's Dave Rubin, host of "The Rubin Report", talked to Fox & Friends recently about counties in California that are defying California Gov. Gavin Newsom's (D) stay-at-home orders as anti-lockdown protests continue across the Golden State.

In the past few of days, Modoc, Yuba, and Sutter counties have begun to reopen parts of their economies without Newsom's approval.

A longtime California resident, Dave offered his thoughts on how Newsom and other state governors are using the COVID-19 pandemic to abuse their power, and how applying blanket policies across diverse counties, cities, and towns doesn't make sense.

"Just because they have the power to do something doesn't meant that they automatically should, and they don't really explain why they're doing it," Dave said of state governors.

"At some point people will break," he continued. "What I think that the progressives are misunderstanding here is that Americans love liberty. Americans love being free. We will be responsible and we're willing to take some risks, but we can't live like rats trapped in our houses forever."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

CA Counties Revolt Defying Lockdown Order, Dave Rubin Responds | POLITICS | Rubin Reportyoutu.be

Dave just released his new book, "Don't Burn This Book: Thinking for Yourself in the Age of Unreason," available now at https://bit.ly/2VptpYs. He joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to break down what he calls "the four kinds of fake news."


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