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CRINGE: Watch what happens when 'social justice warriors' are asked the most basic questions

Slightly Offens*ve
Image source: Youtube screensave

YouTuber Elijah Schaffer hit the streets of Los Angeles to ask so-called "social justice warriors" a few straightforward questions about the issues they support, including feminism, civil rights, and identity politics. The answers they gave, however, were anything but straightforward — and a few were downright mind-boggling.

"Off the top of my head I can't really state any facts. I wish I could."

Asked why she believes women are "an oppressed group America," one young Californian answered, "I've taken a couple feminist theory classes. Off the top of my head I can't really state any facts. I wish I could."

Schaffer asked a young man if he thought President Donald Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

"No," he answered, adding, "Obama is great ... He done bought us Obamacare. He done bought us, um, some other things."

Another passerby was simply asked who he voted for in the last election. But the question proved too difficult for the young man, who struggled to remember the most recent election or even the current year.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Try not to laugh as you watch the full video below:

You can find more from Elijah Schaffer on his YouTube channel Slightly Offens*ve.

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