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Are You 'Naked Online?' Protect Yourself, Your Kids, And Your Company

The FBI openly admits that the growth of digital-based crime is threatening to pass terrorism as America's #1 law enforcement problem.

Our current threat level is "Orange" representing a significant security risk.

The Internet has revolutionized the way we live and work. Virtually everything we need is available online. Unfortunately, the world wide web has also made it easier for criminals to take advantage of unsuspecting computer users. According to a recent speech from FBI Director Robert Muller, cyber crime is on the rise. In fact, the FBI openly admits that the growth of digital-based crime is threatening to pass terrorism as America's #1 law enforcement problem.

Cyber crime can strike anyone or any company at any time.

  • Email Hacking, Identity Theft, Social Networking Accounts hijacked

  • Social Networking nightmares like web stalking and efforts to ensnare children

  • Craigslist and Ebay Scams

How do you know if you, your family and your business are at risk for hacking or worse? Ask yourself a couple of simple questions:

  • If you lost your iPhone, Droid, or Blackberry®, could a stranger access your personal text messages?

  • Can your current digital footprint affect your future ability to get into college or get a job?

  • Are you susceptible to being cyber-stalked or defamed online?  

  • How Vulnerable are your kids to cyberbullying?

  • What if a virus started emailing your corporate secrets to the competition?

  • How would you deal with the negative press from a major security breach? 

  • Do you have a recovery plan?

If you are not sure about the answers to any of the above questions, you and your company are at risk. However, help is readily available from Fortalice, the cyber-security experts with solutions to every possible digital security problem.

Founded by Theresa Payton, the first woman to hold the position of Chief Information Officer at the White House, Fortalice employs the best minds in the world of digital security.  The company's Red Ninjas are an elite team of cyber operatives who will test the limits of your technology infrastructure and eliminate any weaknesses before a hacker can exploit them.

The mission of the cyber security professionals  at Fortalice is to design, develop, and deploy affordable, customized services and strategies to fend off the bad guys.

Fortalice provides online webinars and consulting services for individuals or companies. From Soccer Moms hoping to protect the kids from online predators to CEOs looking to guard their company from corporate spies and data poachers, Fortalice has what you need. And the solutions are economical and customized to meet your needs.

Visit the Fortalice website for special deals for Blaze readers.

Find out more about the Fortalice founder's strategy to protect people in  Theresa Payton's new book, "Are You Naked Online? Protecting Your Internet Identity"

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