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Georgia reopened and is leading the way

Steve Deace
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BlazeTV host Steve Deace has a new baseline for who he will support in future elections. A candidate will have to be better than Brian Kemp.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp became the national poster child for reopening his state 16 days ago. Kemp had since been undermined by the mainstream media as well as the leader of his party.

The data, however, is in after a full 14-day viral incubation period. Georgia reported its lowest number of hospitalizations since April 8, and the lowest number of ventilators in use since the pandemic began.

The "Bill Gates/Dr. Fauci" IHME model predicted that Georgia should not reopen until June 28. The model also predicted that Georgia's COVID19 deaths would peak at 137 on April 21.

Georgia lost 24 people on April 21, leading any reasonable person to raise an eyebrow at the model used to shut down the American economy. Kemp was one of few governors who stood and questioned the shutdown.

In this clip, Deace delivers one of his boldest rants yet explaining why he will be open to hearing what Gov. Kemp has to say in 2024 should he decide to run for president.

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