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WATCH: Steve Deace explains why white, affluent leftists will end traditional America

Steve Deace
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On Monday's episode of "The Steve Deace Show," conservative host Steve Deace presented a Pew Research study that found the white, affluent leftists demographic are reported to have the lowest self-image.

In this clip, Deace detailed his reason for the low self-image problem that many white Americans reported, and how this problem could impact the future of traditional America.

According to Deace, the baby-boom generation returned from war only to raise spoiled children. Then, the spoiled children repeated the cycle of raising spoiled kids and produced the generation represented in this poll — self-hating white Americans.

Deace explained how a lack of hardship produced the self-loathing Americans represented in the Pew poll. Hardships like the dust bowl and rationing food to support the efforts of war are so far from today's American experience; it should come as no surprise that white Americans carried guilt for not having experienced hardships.

Deace asserted that presidential Democratic candidates embodied the sentiment revealed in this poll.

"White people are the problem in America today, and their names are Bernie Sanders; Elizabeth Warren; and Pete Buttigieg, to name a few.

Watch the clip below for more on this story.

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