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Academics troll journal into publishing a fake paper claiming this body part is a 'social construct

Glenn Beck

Two academics used pen names and trolled a peer-reviewed journal into publishing a nonsensical paper about the penis as a “social construct.” The fake research project explained why “penises are problematic” and should be viewed as “a gender-performative, highly fluid social construct.” Glenn Beck and the guys talked about the hilarious story on Monday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay “wrote an absurd paper loosely composed in the style of post-structuralist discursive gender theory,” the pair told Skeptic Magazine. Titled “The conceptual penis as a social construct,” the academic paper accepted and published by Cogent Social Sciences was rife with politically correct buzzwords and phrases including “toxic masculinity” and “social construct.”

Under the names Jamie Lindsay and Peter Boyle, the two academics wrote a pseudo-scientific explanation of the male sexual organ that used politically correct terminology to explain why the penis doesn’t really exist. “After completing the paper, we read it carefully to ensure it didn’t say anything meaningful, and as neither one of us could determine what it is actually about, we deemed it a success,” the authors explained.

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