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According to these old recipes, did Americans really used to eat this?


Spam and cheese, ham and bananas … can you imagine having one of these vintage recipes for dinner?

People had very different tastes in past decades, according to old-timey recipes for Spam ‘n’ Cheese Ribbon Loaf and Frozen Cheese Salad. The “Pat & Stu” guys took a look at some of the worst old-timey recipes this week.

Stu Burguiere and Pat Gray were puzzled by a recipe that involved wrapping ham around bananas and then pouring hollandaise sauce on top, but Jeffy Fisher would eat it – minus the hollandaise.

“I mean the ham and banana sounds good, but not with that ‘boogie’ sauce,” Jeffy said.

Another odd recipe was Lime Cheese Salad, a vintage dish that is concocted by adding pineapple, cottage cheese, celery, nuts and cheddar cheese to lime gelatin.

Stu just wanted to know one thing: “How did anyone make it through this era alive?”

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