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Afraid to take your kids to the pool? Let's put these scary CDC statistics into context

Glenn Beck

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report seems to hold some dire warnings about kids and the spread of illnesses at public pools. As a parent, should you be worried?

While standing in for Glenn on today's show, Stu took a closer look at the CDC statistics and detailed why you shouldn't be overly concerned.

  • The CDC reports that there have been 27,219 illnesses related to swimming from 2000 to 2014. That sounds like a lot, but over 14 years, that amounts to maybe 2,000 illnesses each year, or around five or six per day for the entire country.
  • During that same period, eight kids died from swimming-related illnesses. While any child dying is a tragedy, those odds are also really low, especially in a country of around 325 million people.

"In all honesty, if that's scaring you, what doesn't scare you?" Stu asked. "Your odds of getting killed in thousands of other ways are much higher."

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