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Alex Jones asserts 'Prozac pollution is making shrimp reckless


Was Father Crespi Hitler? Are chemicals in the water turning the frogs gay? On this segment of "Chewing the Fat" with Jeffy, the guys discussed that and other strange and unexplained mysteries including a really bizarre one by Alex Jones.

Jones claims prescription drug pollution is leading to increased aggression in shrimp. We're not quite sure how that one works, but conspiracy theories aren't going away anytime soon especially with characters like Alex Jones.

Another two theories the guys discussed was the theory about Father Crespi being Hitler and the theory that Elvis' tombstone was purposely misspelled because the King of Rock 'n' Roll faked his own death and was wildly superstitious.

Of course, all of the unexplained mysteries lead right back to Alex Jones and all of the conspiracy theories he peddles including gay bombs and lizard people.

Watch the video above to hear what Pat, Jeffy, and producer Keith had to say about them all.

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