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Alex Jones claims chili made him forget basic facts about his children


Alex Jones of Infowars is in a custody battle for his children with his ex-wife, who alleges that Jones is an unfit parent partly due to his angry conspiracy theory rants on his website.

“The Glenn Beck Radio Program” took a look Wednesday at some of the details coming out of the case. Jones’ lawyer is using the defense that Jones is simply a “performance artist,” while his wife’s legal counsel is making the case that his Infowars’ persona is part of his everyday life and unsuitable for their kids.

Pat Gray mentioned that Alex Jones reportedly didn’t know what grades his kids were in, with Jones giving the explanation that he had eaten a large bowl of chili for lunch.

“I’m not familiar with the association between memory and chili,” Pat noted.

Jeffy asked, “You’ve never had hot chili and just …”

“And just forgotten my children? No,” Pat responded.

Another strange story that came out of the custody case was that Jones allegedly takes off his clothes for no reason in the middle of meetings, family group therapy sessions, or time with friends.

“I don’t think he’s performance art,” Glenn Beck said. “I think he absolutely believes it.”

The guys talked about some of Jones’ zaniest commentary exploits, including the infamous fake news story about shrimp swimming up to seagulls to be eaten on purpose, and debated whether or not his audience will continue to believe him when his lawyer is using the "performance artist" defense.

Glenn asked the unanswerable question:

“How do you discredit a guy who says the government is turning frogs gay and dumping Prozac into the ocean and the shrimp are committing seagull suicide?”

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