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Allie: I'm not a feminist, and here's why


If you’re not a feminist, do you hate women? Allie Stuckey affirmed that the answer is no. It does mean, however, that you might have a hard time with modern, “third wave” feminism, which excludes large swaths of women from its ranks because of their beliefs.

Feminism used to simply stand for the idea that men and women are equal. Allie acknowledged the work and sacrifices of previous feminists, such as the “first wave” at the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention. They worked to abolish slavery, for the right to retain property, and suggested that maybe women should vote, which didn’t happen until 72 years later via the 19th amendment.

The “second wave” of feminists in the 1960 and ‘70s fought to use birth control, abolish sexism, and legalize abortion. The “third wave” continues and expands upon these aims, fighting for the emasculation of men, fluidity of gender, uninhibited abortion, and liberal politics.

Allie could not call herself a feminist because modern feminists want to fit all women into an ideological mold. They are anti-conservative and pro-abortion, and she cannot join them because she doesn’t want to shame other women for their vote – or because they want to protect the unborn.

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