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Artificial wombs 'could end abortion

Pat and Stu

Scientists have developed artificial wombs where premature lambs have grown into healthy sheep, a development that could be huge for premature human babies in the near future. On today's “Pat & Stu,” the guys talked about the implications for the pro-life movement.

Pat Gray described the procedure as "growing a lamb in a bio bag" with an electrolyte solution meant to simulate amniotic fluid, or "lamb junk," as Pat so artfully put it.

Stu Burguiere remarked, "This could solve the murder of 53 million babies" in this country. As a doctor would have to "go in there" to terminate a pregnancy anyway, they could instead go in and retrieve a living unwanted fetus and grow it in an artificial womb. Those longing for a child could then adopt that baby.

"It could end abortion," Pat agreed.

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