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Author: Faith was instrumental in the decision to integrate Major League Baseball

Glenn Beck

Ed Henry, author of “42 Faith: The Rest of the Jackie Robinson Story,” talked about his new book and a previously unknown part of the story about breaking the color barrier in baseball on Tuesday's "The Glenn Beck Radio Program."

“The ‘42’ movie [a 2013 film about Robinson’s career] was wonderful, but it did not, it barely mentioned God. I found out new information, which is why I wrote this book,” Henry explained.

Henry discovered a story about Branch Rickey, the Major League Baseball executive who signed Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Rickey wrestled with the decision because integration was so controversial at the time. He went to a minister to talk to him about his struggle.

“After pacing and praying on all of this … with this minister in Brooklyn, Branch Rickey finally sits down, starts crying and says to the minister, ‘I’ve decided to sign Jackie to the first contract,’” Henry told the story, going on to describe how Rickey felt the need to be “in God’s presence” to make such a crucial decision.

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