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BOMBSHELL: Under guise of foreign aid, USAID funding terror groups with taxpayer money

BOMBSHELL: Under guise of foreign aid, USAID funding terror groups with taxpayer money

The larger a government gets, the more corrupt it tends to become, and in America our government has gotten so big that no one even seems to know exactly how many government agencies exist. If you ask the Unified Agenda of Federal Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions, the answer is 60. The Administration Conference of the United States says it's 115, and the Department of Justice reports there are at least 252.

The truth is we have a bureaucracy of unknown number and size side-stepping Congress and pursuing policies the American taxpayers would never approve. Case in point, a National Review report last week revealed that the Obama Administration knowingly approved a grant of at least $115,000 (provided by tax dollars) to fund a designated terror organization with direct links to Osama bin Laden.

The story goes back 14 years when the U.S. Treasury Department caught a group called the Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA) raising funds to help Jihadist groups, including $5 million for Osama bin Laden himself. The ISRA even reportedly helped “relocate [bin Laden] to secure safe harbor for him.” The Treasury Department designated ISRA as a "terror-financing organization."

But, wait, there's more ...

The story doesn’t end there. Ten years after the terrorist-financing designation, the Obama administration specifically approved a grant of at least $115,000 to the ISRA -- even after learning of its connections to Osama bin Laden.

The agency within the Obama administration that officially signed off on the dubious grant was a group called the U.S. Agency for International Development, otherwise known as USAID. In July 2014, USAID awarded $723,405 to an international evangelical charity, World Vision Inc., of which $200,000 was to be directed to ISRA. According to USAID, World Vision alerted the granter of the ISRA's terrorist-financing designation but, incredibly, $125,000 of the original grant amount was still authorized.

Who is USAID?

According to their website, USAID "leads international development and humanitarian efforts to save lives, reduce poverty, strengthen democratic governance and help people progress beyond assistance." So, they're a foreign aid group -- that's good, right? But if that's the case, why were they running a top-secret espionage program in Cuba to push people toward decent, as was disclosed during the Obama administration? Isn't that why we have the CIA, an intelligence agency that faces oversight by Congress and reports directly to the president?

"One government agency consistently pops up right at the center of some of our darkest and most closely guarded secrets ... It is the United States Agency for International Development," said Glenn Beck on today's show. "The more you look into USAID, the more shocked you will become."

USAID's dubious undertakings go all the  way back to the Cold War. In the late 1950's, a USAID official named Dan Mitrione became notorious throughout Latin America for giving South American police forces "instruction in torture and techniques [that] were copied from the Nazis." This included genital mutilation and forced sterilization.

From 1996 and 1998, at least 300,000 Peruvian women -- all from poor backgrounds -- were sterilized against their will during a campaign that "came about as a poverty reduction strategy." The campaign received $35 million in funding from USAID.

"I told you this gets dark, but we're just getting started," explained Glenn.

Watch the clip above to hear the stunning details.

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