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British author recounts his journey around the world, relying on the kindness of strangers

Glenn Beck

British-born author and philanthropist Leon Logothetis joined "The Glenn Beck Radio Program" Friday morning to discuss his 2015 book "The Kindness Diaries."  The book — which has now spawned a Netflix documentary series — chronicles his 6-month journey around the world with no food, money, or travel accommodations, forcing him to rely on the generosity of strangers to survive.

Driving from town to town on a yellow motorbike named "Kindness One," Leon encountered numerous Good Samaritans who offered him assistance along his journey. Leon and his team rewarded these generous souls with "life-changing gifts" such as new houses, funding for their businesses, and scholarships to educational programs.

Reflecting on a homeless man in Pittsburgh who readily shared his meager possessions with him, Leon concluded, "True wealth is not in our wallets, but it's in our hearts."

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