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CNN's Cuomo goes off the deep end, floats insane Trump conspiracy theories in ALL CAPS on Twitter

Doc Thompson

Talk about desperate...

CNN's Jim Acosta and Chris Cuomo have gone totally off the rails. First, Acosta railed against Trump supporters who chanted "CNN sucks" at a Florida rally over safety concerns while simultaneously forgetting how many conservatives have been physically assaulted by the left.

Then, just last night, Cuomo went on a rant IN ALL CAPS on Twitter. The rant even entertained several conspiracy theories regarding the president "AND DARK MYSTERIES OF POWER."

The president "has his people at his rally that look for the number 17 as signs of truth,” Cuomo proclaimed.

"Q is the 17th letter in the alphabet.” QAnon is said to be an anonymous figure online.

Here are Cuomo's tweets: 






Just wow. See Doc Thompson and Kris Cruz break down the conspiracy in the clip above.

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