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Colin Kaepernick has decided to stand for the national anthem, and Tomi has some final thoughts


Tomi's "Final Thoughts" are on the NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who last year became the center of national controversy when he decided not to stand for the national anthem in protest. "The lackluster, quarterback who decided to disrespect every proud service member by taking a knee for the national anthem, well he's had a sudden change of heart," Tomi says.  

This year Kaepernick has decided he will stand for the national anthem. Tomi wonders if Colin suddenly has the decency to show a little respect to a country that has blessed him with so much and questions if Kaepernick finally understands that he is not oppressed, or if he is simply trying to make himself more marketable as a free agent.

Tomi states that Kaepernick claims that he will now stand because, "Significant progress has been made" on the issues that compelled him to begin his protest in the first place, and that he also takes credit for that "significant progress."

"Convenient that Colin has vowed to stand for the anthem now. Coming out at the same time that he opted out of his contract to become a free agent — a mediocre free agent who's worried about getting another multi-million dollar contract will now stand for the anthem because he now has something to lose," Tomi says.

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