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Dana Loesch explores details of Trump's new travel ban

Dana Loesch

Monday morning the Trump administration unveiled a revised travel ban temporarily restricting travel to the U.S. from six Middle Eastern nations. The new ban features a number of changes designed to prevent the courts from blocking the ban, which brought an end to Trump's first attempt at travel restrictions.

Changes include the removal of Iraq from the list of countries affected — reportedly a request of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, who was concerned about the ban's impact of America's fight against ISIS — as well as exemptions for permanent residents and current visa holders, elimination of language offering preferential status to members of persecuted religious groups, and a shift from an indefinite ban on Syrian refugees to a renewable 120-day freeze.

Former INS agent Michael Cutler joined Dana Loesch on her signature show Monday night to discuss the changes to the ban and the bipartisan origins of Trump's order.

"This isn't a one-sided issue. Obama came up this, the Congress agreed and came up with an enhanced visa waiver program. ... This is just common sense, and it's an effort to follow the findings and recommendations of the 9-11 Commission," Cutler opines.

"These individuals are coming from areas where they're not able to even properly vet these people," Dana points out.

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