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Deaths since Obamacare show big government’s unintended consequences

Glenn Beck

Since Obamacare passed, there have been thousands more deaths, and one factor may be a rise in opioid consumption that has contributed to drug overdose deaths.

There is no evidence that there were positive effects from expanded Medicare, while research shows that opioid use is on the rise in areas where formerly uninsured people now have insurance. Glenn Beck, Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere talked about the unintended consequences of measures like the Affordable Care Act and why you can’t blame politicians for the decisions people make.

As drug overdose deaths spike, the theory is that people who were previously uninsured because they were healthy are now on insurance with access to opioids and are getting addicted, Stu explained.

“It’s worse in places where you’ve increased and given away free insurance whenever people can get the free drugs and they can start addictions or worsen them or free up money to buy worse things like heroin,” he said.

Glenn noted that even when you find correlations between legislation and an increase in deaths, you have to remember that people and their doctors made the poor decisions leading to their opioid addictions.

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