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Delta Airlines ejects five passengers from a flight after ‘airplane mode’ dispute


Another airline just made headlines for booting passengers off of a plane. Last Saturday, five passengers were allegedly kicked off of an airplane after getting in a dispute with the flight attendant. Robyn Rodgers claims that the flight attendant came up to her seat and “rudely” asked Rodgers to turn her cell phone on airplane mode.

Rodgers wrote on her Instagram that the attendant “menacingly stood over [her] with her arms folded.” After she told the attendant that she could handle putting the phone in airplane mode herself, the attendant said, “If you’re gonna act like that, we can go back to the gate and you can get off.” Rodgers purportedly showed the flight attendant her phone in airplane mode, but not before the attendant rushed to the front to announce that the plane was returning to the gate.

When the pilot began turning the plane (Delta Flight 4727) around, Rodgers reached out to the flight attendant again. “How do we rectify this without holding everyone else up?” Rodgers asked, to which the attendant responded, “You comply.” At that point, another passenger stood up and defended Rodgers, eventually resulting in him and his son getting ejected from the plane along with her.

On Thursday’s episode of “Pat Gray Unleashed,” Pat and Jeffy were livid with Delta’s response to this situation. “First of all, the ‘airplane mode’ thing doesn’t matter! It’s not going to bring down the plane and everybody knows it now,” Pat said. Referring to the flight attendant notifying Rodgers of her ejection, he commented, “How pissed off would you be at that point? At that point, it’s time to arrest me because I’m going to go ape crap on you.”

See Pat and Jeffy’s full reaction in the video above.

Watch the video on Instagram below.

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