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Democrats relished the electoral college before election, but sour on it now

Dana Loesch

Just days before the presidential election, when Hillary Clinton was projected to win White House residency with chances north of 90 percent, pundits and Democratic strategists gloated over her untroubled path to the magic 270 electoral college number.

Those discussions now have soured into talks of dismantling the electoral college, a representative-type vote, in lieu of the purely democratic popular selection process.

But TheBlaze host Dana Loesch and her guests point out a few longterm dangers with such a move, regardless of the Republican's victory this time around.

"We're not in a direct democracy and Alexander Hamilton ... was writing about the importance of electoral colleges as a way to thwart off the passions of the mob rule," Loesch said. "And electoral colleges are neither democratic; it's neither aristocratic; but that's what we need for our constitutional republic."

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