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Democrats still using emails and hacks as a crutch for Hillary loss

Dana Loesch

Dana Loesch hosts a panel with Lawrence Jones, Brandon Morse, Sara Gonzales, and John Gibson to debate the impact Russia's had on our 2016 election. Lawrence states his opinion of how he doesn't care for how some Republicans aren't taking this threat seriously and how the Democrats are using this as a crutch for why Hillary Clinton did so poorly.

Brandon pipes in saying how he "fails to see how a Russian agent just decided one day, 'Hey I'm gonna hack the U.S. election' without it going to the very top."

John mentions an article in The New York Times where it was "clear that the CIA said, 'Oh Donald Trump you don't believe us, here.'" He recalls from the information how two Russian intelligence agents were working on hacking the emails without the other knowing and received the same information.


"I believed they hacked it but there's no evidence that it's the reason she [Hillary Clinton] lost," John says.

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