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DESPICABLE: Parents forcing young children to be transgender/drag queens


On Friday’s episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed," Pat spotlighted two stories involving parents who encouraged their young children to either identify or dress like the opposite gender from which they were born — and one parent has even involved the legal system.

Desmond Napoles, 11, known onstage as "Desmond is Amazing," joined host Michael Strahan on ABC’s "Good Morning America" to share his story.

Napoles, 11, was introduced as "A trailblazing drag kid who Ru Paul is calling the future in bravery and inspiring so many."

Desmond described himself as an 11-year-old who likes pizza, trains and drinking caffeine-free Root Beer. When he is not playing with trains, he “does drag” and loves to wear makeup, dresses, wigs – and, of course, he loves jewelry.

What about Desmond's parents?

"Your parents are so supportive of you, but they've also encouraged you to stay and be who you are so how has that inspired you," Strahan asked?

"They let me do what I want by letting me dress up and by letting me play with trains," Desmond replied.

Pat asserted that it is not the job of parents to let children do whatever they want. Parents are supposed to guide and shape children. He added that 10 years ago, the behavior of Desmond's parents would have been considered child abuse.

What about the Texas case?

A Texas father is fighting in court over accusations made in court by his ex-wife in an effort to strip the man of his parental rights. The woman claims that James, 6, is actually a girl born in a boy's body, and is being abused by his father's refusal to dress him in girls' clothing.

The man has been ordered by the court not to discuss sex or gender from a scientific or a religious perspective with his son.

The father told the court that James does not want to wear girls clothing when he is with his father, adding that James violently refuses to dress like a girl.

The woman has enrolled the child in school under the name "Luna."

Pat called the woman despicable.

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