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Did Alice Johnson's prison release just open a precarious can of worms?

The News & Why It Matters

President Donald Trump has commuted the life sentence of 63-year-old Alice Johnson, the grandmother who had been sentenced to life in prison for a non-violent drug crime.

Though Johnson’s release seems like a step in the right direction, America’s justice system and prisons are still in need of extensive reform, said the team on "The News and Why it Matters." They also expressed concerns that this incident, having been initiated by reality TV star, Kim Kardashian West, might establish a future trend of celebrities and other influential people advocating for presidential favors.

"I'm hoping that we don't turn the pardon into a circus or a system of misdirection," said Glenn Beck, adding, "I'm not even saying that about this president, I'm worried about the next president and the president after that."

Listen to the full discussion in the video above.

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