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Filmmakers tell the heartbreaking story of Christian genocide in the Middle East


Filmmakers Paula Kweskin and Roma Downey joined Tuesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” to talk about their new documentary on Christian genocide and why we are all “our brother’s keeper.”

Referencing the Old Testament story about brothers Cain and Abel, new documentary “Faithkeepers: Be Your Brothers’ Keeper” is a call for accountability and action, the producers explained. “Faithkeepers” is about the eradication of Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East. In the birthplace of Christianity, believers are not only being persecuted and murdered, but also being erased when their places of worship are wiped out as if they had never existed.

The goal was to show the story behind the headlines about religious genocide, Kweskin asserted. “We’re bringing those stories to Christians and Americans and really trying to inspire them and have them stand up and be their brother’s keeper,” she said.

The documentary is screening at churches around the country.

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