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First look at the facts': Glenn Beck on climate change and California's record-breaking wildfires

Glenn Beck

Nearly 1 million acres have already burned in California this year, and the Mendocino Complex Fire in Northern California has become the largest fire ever recorded in the state's history.

Naturally, many have concluded that there's a link between the increase in California wildfires and the increase in temperatures caused by global warming. But do the facts really support that conclusion?

"The media coverage of the California wildfires over the last two summers make it seem like there are more wildfires than ever before," Glenn Beck said on Tuesday's show. "This goes to my solution: if you feel like the world is on fire, let's first look at the facts."

Glenn took on the "global warming is causing a wildfire epidemic" fallacy with some basic fact-checking. He looked into what is starting the fires and how (or if) that has changed over the years; why there are so many fires in California compared to other parts of the world; and whether there or not there is a global trend of increased quantity or acreage of wildfires.

Check out the video clip above to get Glenn's take on the purported connection between California's wildfires and worldwide climate change.

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