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For the Record: Here's what it takes to fight back against an active shooter


In this episode of “For the Record,” self defense instructor Ryan Hoover, Co-founder of Fit to Fight, reveals what it takes to fight back against an 'active shooter.' According to a 2012 NYPD report, 43 percent of active shooter incidents ended with force applied by law enforcement or bystanders, and 40 percent ended by the gunman applying force to themselves.

"[The shooter] has no expectations of leaving. So what does that mean? We have to stop him," explained Hoover. "If we're not giving people options to stop him: how to stop him, what to do, and permission to do it, then the body-count keeps going up."

Hoover explains that it takes a certain mindset for people to fight back as people are often reluctant to take action in ways that feel aggressive or violent. "Getting people to 'that place' is sometimes a little harder, so the training becomes about that," said Hoover.

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