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Former federal prosecutor: There's no evidence that Trump committed a crime

Dana Loesch

Many people have been comparing recent events in the White House to Watergate. Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy joined Dana Loesch on "Dana" today. He pointed out that even with the Russia allegations and now former FBI director James Comey's memo, President Donald Trump still has not committed a crime.

McCarthy said that a good faith intelligence operation does not "conduct a criminal investigation in the first place" without turning up evidence to warrant such an investigation.

So far the memo, dictated over the phone to the New York Times, hasn't even been seen. It allegedly indicates that the President wanted Comey to stop the investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn regarding his informing Russia about upcoming sanctions.

The former prosecutor said the context of the whole conversation is necessary to understand what happened. Comey did not report to anyone that his investigation was obstructed, and that investigation continues.

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