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Future of car ownership may involve renting out your self-driving car for remote taxi service

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck shares his thoughts on a new line in Tesla Motors purchase contracts that prevents owners from using their electric car for taxi services. He theorizes that Tesla will soon try to offer a ride sharing service like Lyft or Uber, but using driverless cars.

"I believe Tesla is going to come out with their own (taxi) service that will put your car to work for you," Glenn predicts.

Glenn anticipates the financial benefits of this kind of arrangement: "When you go to work, you'll be able to put it (your car) on 'auto.' And somebody who is calling for a car, your car will will leave the carport — leave the parking space — and it will go pick them up, take them to the airport, pick somebody else up. While you're working your eight-hour day, it will be out working and making money for you. ... So you can make money instead of just having that car a liability for you. That is the future."

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