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Gavin McInnes on NYC Proud Boys, Antifa brawl: 'I think the DNC and Antifa are working hand-in-hand

Glenn Beck

Following a speaking engagement at the Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan on Friday, CRTV host Gavin McInnes was embroiled in a violent melee involving the right-wing activist group, Proud Boys, and members of Antifa.

New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D) has blamed President Donald Trump and the GOP for "inviting a hate group to come speak.”

McInnes joined Glenn Beck on Tuesday’s episode of “The Glenn Beck Radio Show” to fill us in on his side of the controversy. He explained that the Republican Club was vandalized the night before his speech. Windows were smashed, doors were spray-painted and locks were covered with glue. The vandals left a threatening note saying the vandalism was "just the beginning" and calling McInnes a “white supremacist."

Shortly after the speech, McInnes stepped outside the venue to "make a Yamaguchi joke" in reference to the assassination of Japanese socialist Inejiro Asanuma by the Samurai sword-wielding Otoya Yamaguchi. "It's a funny troll that a lot of right-wing guys do ... clearly satire," he explained.

At this point, a bottle of urine was apparently hurled at McInnes.

"Antifa goes full blast. They started attacking the venue," he said. "The calls are coming in from all over the country, by the way. So this was a planned attack that Antifa has worked. I think the DNC and Antifa are working hand-in-hand because this was well organized and well funded."

Watch the video clip above to catch more of this conversation.

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