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Glenn and author Eric Liu bridge the political divide and find common ground


On Thursday's "Glenn," Eric Liu, author of "You're More Powerful Than You Think: A Citizen’s Guide to Making Change Happen," talked to Glenn Beck about how we can all bridge the divide between parties and ideologies.

The first step is to just do it. We must reach out to people we disagree with, or as Glenn said, "kiss a ton of frogs." There is nothing lost in just talking to the other side and hearing them.

Liu said we have lost so much in the polarization and tribalization of our rhetoric, becoming caricatures of our belief systems. In his own experience with the election of Donald Trump as President, people have asked him why wasn't he complaining when former president Barrack Obama was signing executive orders?

He admitted that it didn't matter to him then because he liked the outcomes. Glenn said we all need to abide by our principles. Sides switch and will switch again. The gain of the other side doesn't always mean yours is losing. Sometimes we advance ideas by surrendering and yielding.

Liu noted that he and Glenn "both believe in ideas, and we both love this country," which is a good jumping off point for bridging a political divide.

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