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Glenn Beck blasts Snoop Dogg's hypocrisy for video showing the rapper shooting 'Donald Trump


Rapper Snoop Dogg released a new music video over the weekend in which he took aim at President Donald Trump.

The video, "Lavender: Nightfall Remix," features scenes of police officers dressed as clowns shooting unarmed civilians and Snoop Dogg himself pointing a gun at the head of a Trump stand-in wearing clown makeup. Once the rapper pulls the trigger, a cartoon-like red flag with the word "bang" on it extends from the barrel.

The backlash against the video from conservative commentators was swift, and Sen. Marco Rubio (R–FL) wisely cautioned the rap star against inciting violence against the president.

Tuesday morning on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," Lawrence Jones joined host Glenn Beck to discuss the video and the hypocrisy of the purportedly anti-gun, anti-violence rapper acting out the assassination of a sitting president.

Referring to Trump's depiction in the video, Beck said, "Tell me that that could've been done by anybody on Barack Obama. The world would've come undone if anyone would've done a picture — let alone a music video — about shooting the president of the United States. Couldn't have done it. Couldn't have done it."

"[Snoop Dogg] is totally against guns," Jones pointed out. "But you come out in a video promoting shooting the president. And liberals have been arguing, debating, saying, 'Well, it's a fake gun.' These are the same liberals that don't think — that freak out when kids bring toy guns to school. But this is OK?"

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