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Glenn Beck on who's really funding the massive migrant caravan — and what's in it for them

Glenn Beck on who's really funding the massive migrant caravan — and what's in it for them

During a media briefing Tuesday, Vice President Mike Pence made a stunning revelation about who's funding the massive caravan of migrants currently headed for the southern U.S. border.

Prompted by President Donald Trump, Pence stepped up and said, "I spoke to President [Juan Orlando] Hernandez of Honduras. He told me that the caravan that’s now making its way through Mexico headed for the southern border was organized by leftist organizations and financed by Venezuela." Read more on this development here.

On Wednesday's episode of " The Glenn Beck Radio Program," Glenn reacted to the vice president's announcement.

"Have you noticed that the press is not concerned at all about this caravan?" Glenn asked. "They say the caravan's not going to make it up to the United States, that it's just nonsense and why are they talking about it. Really?"

Glenn noted that the 7,000-person-strong migrant caravan seems to be both a political message and a weapon.

"We know that this migrant invasion force was organized in Honduras by the leftist political party looking to embarrass the current right-wing government," Glenn said. "We know that. But you're not going to hear that on television. You're not going to hear that from the leftist mainstream news.  You won't hear it because that hurts their case. They want everybody to look like they're just weak, and helpless, and children making a 2,500-mile march. Wow! That seems pretty strong to me. This entire charade has indeed been one giant political stunt."

Glenn pointed out that moving more than 7,000 people across 2,500 miles is incredibly expensive. Who is paying for the food, water, medical care, transportation and more that these migrants are obviously receiving?

"Who is writing the check for all of this?" Glenn asked. "If you’re Venezuelan President Maduro and you want to attack the United States, but barely have enough money to buy any toilet paper, how do you do it? Well, you don't use conventional means. You reach out to your allies, your revolutionaries, your Marxist zealots in South America and you organize and fund thousands of people to flood the U.S. border."

"It's a pretty inventive way to strike back," Glenn continued. "Not only is it a form of economic warfare, but it also destabilizes the U.S. political structure. And that’s not to mention how many criminal elements might be tagging along. How many Venezuelan or Cuban spies are using this as cover to enter the country? How many terrorists might be riding along with the intention of attacking U.S. targets?"

Watch the video clip above to hear more from Glenn.

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