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Glenn Beck: Russia has been hacking U.S. power grid for a year, 'Lack of alarm is mind-boggling

Glenn Beck

While Congress and the mainstream media focus primarily on Russian election tampering, Americans have been under the very real and potentially catastrophic cyber-threat caused by Russian hacking. Last week, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that Russian military intelligence has been hacking into U.S.power plants and selectively causing blackouts across the country -- and they've been at it for at least a year.

"Shouldn't this have been on TV a little bit, I mean just a little bit?" asked Glenn. "I don't know about you, but the overall lack of alarm about what's happening with Russia is, to me a little bit mind-boggling. I mean, Washington occasionally gives it lip-service, but are you seeing any concerted and coordinated effort to confront Russia on this one? I mean, the attitude is like , 'Wow, this is bad – somebody should do something.'"

Watch the video clip above to hear Glenn fill in the details.

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