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Glenn Beck: 'Stand Your Ground' should have protected lawful gun owner defending her daughter

Glenn Beck

What happened?

Siwatu-Salama Ra, 26, was a concealed carry permit holder living in a “stand your ground” state. Now, she’s in jail for defending her child from a neighbor’s assault by brandishing an unloaded firearm. Pregnant and sentenced to two years in prison after being charged with felony assault, Ra expects to give birth while still behind bars.

Give me the details:

A neighbor who had a dispute with Ra reportedly became irate and rammed her vehicle into Ra’s car with Ra’s 2-year-old inside. To scare the neighbor off and protect her daughter, Ra pulled out a legally purchased, unloaded handgun and waved it in the air. She should have been within her “Stand Your Ground” rights as a lawful gun owner defending her family on her own property.

What else should I know?

  • Channel Harvey, the neighbor who drove her car into Ra’s, was never charged and was apparently treated as the victim by police because she filed a report first. Harvey’s own daughter was inside her vehicle.
  • Even though Harvey rammed the vehicle, Ra was charged with two counts of felony assault against Harvey and against Harvey's daughter, respectively.
  • The jury appears to have rushed through the case to finish before a major snowstorm hit.
  • Ra is seven months pregnant, and her attorneys say she is receiving insufficient medical care – especially when she has a high-risk pregnancy.

Glenn’s take:

Based on the facts we’ve been given for this case, there is no reason for Ra to be in jail, and it’s that much more unreasonable when she is pregnant and forced to be shackled to her bed during medical care.

“She feared for her life and the life of her daughter,” Glenn said. “Michigan is a ‘Stand Your Ground’ state, which means if somebody is on your property and they are threatening you, you have a right to pull the gun and stand your ground. … You can defend yourself.”

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