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Glenn: Here's what we can all learn from the hero who stopped the Waffle House killer


What happened?

The man who opened fire in a Waffle House restaurant early Sunday morning in Tennessee was stopped by a brave bystander: customer James Shaw Jr.

When the killer momentarily stopped firing his gun, Shaw saw an opening and rushed him, taking away his weapon and throwing it. While Shaw told reporters later that he was acting on instinct “just to save myself,” police said there is “no doubt” that he saved lives with his courageous act.

"He was going to have to work to kill me,” Shaw said in an interview.

Catch me up:

The suspect in Sunday’s killing spree, who is still at large after fleeing naked from the Nashville-area restaurant, was reportedly banned from owning firearms because of mental health problems. Learn more with our explainer here.

Glenn’s take:

Shaw is an American hero and someone we should all emulate when disaster strikes.

“That is an example of a first responder, what we’re all supposed to be,” Glenn said.

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