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GROSS: Ex-Vanity Fair, MSNBC contributor says Kyle Kashuv is in desperate need of 'psychiatric help

Pat Gray Unleashed

Apparently, Kurt Eichenwald -- who may or may not have a contract with Vanity Fair and MSNBC -- sent a series of emails to Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro regarding Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv.

What did the emails say?

Eichenwald emailed Shapiro Tuesday claiming he was doing a piece on Shapiro's and Kashuv's professional relationship, however, the email comes across extremely condescending toward Kyle -- and the right in general.

The emails sent by Eichenwald to Shapiro called into question Kyle's mental health, accused Kyle of using right-wing trolls and Ben Shapiro to agitate Eichenwald online, and of being "obsessed" with Shapiro to an unhealthy extent. Shapiro didn't take kindly to the emails and posted them online.

Here's the email:

�I consulted a friend of mine who is a psychiatrist  � a political conservative, since that seems so important to you � and based on what he read, the psychiatrist said the following,� claimed Eichenwald. �Kyle is in desperate need of psychiatric help or support."

He later refers to Kashuv as a "psychologically troubled kid� and asks Shapiro not to show the emails to Kyle. Eichenwald then accuses Shapiro's followers of sending him strobe GIFs to trigger an epileptic seizure.


The disturbing part of the emails is where Eichenwald admits to calling his psychiatrist friend to evaluate and diagnose Kyle with a mental illness without ever having met him.

Conservatives call for a boycott

After Shapiro published the emails on Twitter, conservatives started calling for a boycott against Vanity Fair and MSNBC advertisers. Even Brian Stelter chimed in suggesting Eichenwald take a Twitter hiatus.


According to another Tweet by Stelter, Eichenwald claimed he is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair in private Twitter messages. Whether he is or isn't an editor remains a mystery even though a spokesperson has denied he's a contributing editor.



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