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Guess which host at TheBlaze once had a visit from the Secret Service

Glenn Beck

As people react to comedian Kathy Griffin’s shocking photo of a decapitated President Donald Trump, Doc Thompson shared his story of unintentionally threatening the president and getting a visit from the Secret Service.

Doc described how he once criticized then-President George W. Bush on air, saying something to the effect of “somebody should shoot this guy.” Secret Service agents showed up at the studio to talk to him.

He attempted to clarify that he didn’t have any personal ill-will toward the president but was merely criticizing that Bush wasn’t conservative or libertarian enough.

“So you have a file?” Kris Cruz asked.

“Oh, I am way on file,” Doc said. He noted that while he also criticized President Barack Obama, it was his perceived threat toward a Republican president that warranted the secret Service visit. “And that’s my plausible deniability about hating on Obama for eight years. It wasn’t him I threatened to kill; it was Bush, according to some people,” he said.

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