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Hillary Clinton's State aides threatened a south Asian prime minister’s son

Dana Loesch

In an exclusive from The Daily Caller, it is reported that aides for Hillary Clinton at the State Department intentionally intimidated Sajeeb Wazed Joy, son of the prime minister of Bangladesh and permanent U.S. resident. Joy was threatened with an Internal Revenue Service audit during a corruption investigation of a close friend and donor of Clinton conducted by the Bangladeshi government.

Tonight on "Dana," Richard Pollock from The Daily Caller joined Dana Loesch to discuss the dark allegation. He described a scenario in which the State Department can "sic the IRS on you" for trying to protect your own country, not just once, but "repeatedly over a series of years." Joy was told to make his mother Sheikh Hasina drop the investigation on the Clinton donor several times between 2010 and 2012.

Pollock noted that the former Secretary of State was meek with larger nations such as Russia and China, but paid scant respect to smaller allies, particularly when donor, Muhammad Yunus, was under investigation for financial indiscretions.

He felt it was evidence of the "thuggishness of the Clinton reign at the State Department."

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